Plian lifts technological barriers to DeFi widespread adoption

What is Plian?

Plian is a proof-of-stake native multichain network that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its revolutionary PDBFT consensus mechanism enables any decentralised application running on Plian to maintain high-speed consensus through multiple chains and dynamic shards, creating the instant and hyperscalable foundation for programmable finance.

Founded by some of China's blockchain industry's foremost pioneers, Plian's cutting-edge and patented technologies provide instant trust and unparalleled scalability to the DeFi economy and its decentralized applications, systems, and communities.

The Plian group
Why building on Plian?
  • Instant

    1-second block times create near-instant verification of transactions

  • Scalable

    Multichain architecture enables the creation of a large number of subchains delivering near-limitless throughput

  • Trust

    When paired with Plian's global node network, the speed of the block creation creates instant trust and security

  • Low economic barriers

    Smart contract execution is isolated into subchains, reducing cost and congestion while maintaining global security

  • Engaged ecosystem

    Leverage Plian's global Partners and Communities when building your custom blockchain

Discover Plian

Massively scalable, Solidity programmable and near-instant transactions for public and enterprise DeFi needs

  • Enterprise DeFi subchains
    Create a DeFi subchain to trustlessly automate and secure your business. Plian supports supply chain, secure data pegging, tokenization, finance and more.
  • DeFi toolbox (Q2-21)
    Simplify deploying DeFi solutions on Plian blockchain with well known tools e.g. pMetaMask (v2), pTruffle (v2), pWeb3j, ether.js, waffle, remix, Smart Data and more.
  • DEX (V1 in Q3-21)
    A community-driven decentralized exchange for Plian with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cross-chain compatibilities. The Plian DEX will have fast settlement, low transaction fees, a governance token, improved AMM, stable coin and more.
  • dApp
    Say goodbye to network congestion impacting dapp usability. Instant, interoperable and custom for your needs. Write in Solidity and deploy with pTruffle and pWaffle to make your solution easier to test and maintain.
A few of the teams building
the Plian network:
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