Massively scalable, Solidity programmable and near-instant transactions for public and enterprise DeFi needs

  • DeFi
    Simplify deploying DeFi solutions on Plian blockchain with well known tools and improve Paiswap and other subsequent community-driven swaps for Plian with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cross-chain compatibilities.
  • PiScan (Q2-23)
    Develop a Plian-specific scan, which supports browsing assets, transactions and mainnet information on Plian, as well as displaying statistical onchain data to community members.
  • NFT Platform (Q3-23)
    Building an NFT platform which is not only a Marketplace that supports tradings, but also contains useful information. And it supports multi-chain that crosses to other platforms.
  • DAO Committee (Q4-23)
    By selecting members of the first committee, the decentralized governance of PlianDAO will burst out. A reasonable BUIDLING collaboration model and benefit distribution will ensure the steady growth of DAO Treasure.
The Plian group

Plian provides the enterprise one-stop solution


Programmable smart contracts enable complex business logic, while not being subject to on-chain congestion driving cost.

Public and private blockchain solutions provide full compliance through auditable transaction logs.

On-chain, multi-level transfer creates decentralized credit markets that enable

flexible funding for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Aggregate signature scheme enables global decentralization without impacting scalability or confirmation times.

Case studies
  • LAFOI wine commercial subchain

    LAFOI Wine commercial subchain is the 1st smart wine retail platform based on China's Central Bank's DCEP (virtual currency) and blockchain technology applications

  • Qiangsheng Smart-e

    Qiangsheng Smart-e aims to change the vehicle travel industry using PCHAIN commercial subchain technology to improve multi-party information sharing, throughput, transparency, authenticity and security.

What will you build?