What Plian solves and provides
  • High scalability
    Dynamic multichain architecture enables customized and purpose driven subchains with no limit to throughput
  • High decentralisation
    Aggregate signature scheme allows for the dynamic entry and exit of potentially thousands of nodes without impacting the speed or throughput of the network
  • High security
    Parallel chain framework anchors each child chain to the main chain, requiring attackers to attack all chains simultaneously in order to be successful
Plian architecture
  • Patented PDBFT consensus:
    The patented PDBFT algorithm greatly reduces communication cost from N^2 to N comparing with traditional BFT algorithm. This effectively removes the limit on number of nodes allowed in the network to support efficient consensus across all chains.
    Dynamic bidding and safe delegation:
    Dynamic bidding and safe delegation enable the validator election process to be fairer and fully decentralized and secure during epoch switch.
  • Native multichain platform:
    Plian is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which consists of one main chain and multiple anchored parallel chains.
    Smart contracts based on Smart Data enabled by cross chain transactions:
    Smart Data is the new innovative oracle mechanism of Plian, which fills the void of knowledge limitations inherent in smart contracts. Using Smart Data, smart contract applicability expands beyond just programmable data. Plian smart contracts can be easily invoked with other nonnative Tokens (BTC, ERC20) by using the provided toolkit.
Patented technology
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