Run a node


Plian adopts its own unique PDBFT consensus mechanism which can support thousands of validator nodes while maintaining efficient consensus across multiple chains. It also enables a dynamic-join-and-exit mechanism for the validators, eliminates manual intervention, and automatically replaces the validator nodes in cases of fault, thus effectively maintaining maximum decentralization without compromising instant finality.

Using a VPS or personally operated computer, users can install Plian software to operate a full node or become a validator for the network. Using the software, users can do everything from generating transactions and smart contracts, to start their own subchains or create dApps on the blockchain. These interactions can be done via the Javascript Console, RPC, and other APIs.

Staking or delegating PI


There are two different ways to use your PI to secure the network and get rewarded for doing so; delegating your PI to a Validator Candidate or staking your PI to your own Validator Node.

Delegating allows users to make the best use of their PI holdings to help secure the network without needing to operate their own node.

Staking allows users to operate their own nodes to either open them to delegations to gain more power (Candidate Nodes) or to stake it individually with their own balance.

Rewards earned are divided evenly over the next 10 Epochs and unlocked when that Epoch is reached, limiting inflation and encouraging future participation.