Plian lifts technological barriers to DeFi widespread adoption

What is Plian?

Plian is a proof-of-stake native multichain network that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its revolutionary PDBFT consensus mechanism enables any decentralised application running on Plian to maintain high-speed consensus through multiple chains and dynamic shards, creating the instant and hyperscalable foundation for programmable finance.

Founded by some of China's blockchain industry's foremost pioneers, Plian's cutting-edge and patented technologies provide instant trust and unparalleled scalability to the DeFi economy and its decentralized applications, systems, and communities.

The Plian group
Why building on Plian?
  • Instant

    1-second block times create near-instant verification of transactions

  • Scalable

    Multichain architecture enables the creation of a large number of subchains delivering near-limitless throughput

  • Trust

    When paired with Plian's global node network, the speed of the block creation creates instant trust and security

  • Low economic barriers

    Smart contract execution is isolated into subchains, reducing cost and congestion while maintaining global security

  • Engaged ecosystem

    Leverage Plian's global Partners and Communities when building your custom blockchain

Discover Plian

Massively scalable, Solidity programmable and near-instant transactions for public and enterprise DeFi needs

  • DeFi
    Simplify deploying DeFi solutions on Plian blockchain with well known tools and improve Paiswap and other subsequent community-driven swaps for Plian with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cross-chain compatibilities.
  • PiScan
    Develop a Plian-specific scan, which supports browsing assets, transactions and mainnet information on Plian, as well as displaying statistical onchain data to community members.
  • NFT Platform
    Building an NFT platform which is not only a Marketplace that supports tradings, but also contains useful information. And it supports multi-chain that crosses to other platforms.
  • DAO Committee
    By selecting members of the first committee, the decentralized governance of PlianDAO will burst out. A reasonable BUIDLING collaboration model and benefit distribution will ensure the steady growth of DAO Treasure.
A few of the teams building
the Plian network:
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